Stainless Sheet

Stainless steel sheet is a sheet material that takes its place among the steel sheets with versatile uses and stands out with its corrosion-resistant structure. It is more resistant and advantageous in terms of stain and rust than standard carbon steel. Its oxidation-resistant structure, among its most important features, is an important factor in its preference. In addition, it is a qualified sheet material that is long-lasting, takes shape easily and is not affected by impacts.

Stainless steel sheets, specially produced for areas with a possibility of rust, have a structure resistant to high temperatures. In addition, it takes its place among the sheet materials that require the least maintenance with its self-repairing structure. It has an aesthetic that contributes positively to the decoration in living spaces with its oxidation-resistant and bright appearance. The material, which is hygienically split from other sheet products, is one of the sheet elements frequently preferred in food and medicine, thanks to this feature. Other prominent features of these materials are as follows:

  • Provides long-lasting use.
  • It does not rust. It improves the build quality.
  • It has a shiny appearance. For this reason, it is used in interior and exterior architecture.
  • It is resistant to impacts.
  • It is not affected by humidity and liquid.

Stainless steel sheet is among the most important sheet elements resistant to corrosion. Therefore, it is one of the most reliable sheet metal elements for application areas where contact with liquid is concerned. Blackening and rusting occur in metals that interact with liquids and similar substances. In addition, as this deformation progresses, the sheet loses its feature and the decay deepens. In the area where rusting and decay occur, not only an aesthetically negative image occurs. Also, the hygiene in the place in question is lost. Quality decreases and risks due to corrosion begin to occur. These materials are a product manufactured to prevent all these. The chromium and carbon element it contains shows resistance to external factors.

In Which Areas Is Stainless Sheet Material Used?

Stainless steel sheet is among the sheets that come to the fore with different sectors and usage areas such as black sheet. Thanks to the advantages it provides, it has various application areas. Especially in applications where maximum protection against external factors is aimed, these materials can be used. Sheets, which are also preferred for decorative purposes, can be preferred for every point where contact with liquid occurs. In addition, thanks to the hygienic environment they provide, they are used in food and medicine. In addition to these, it is a sheet metal product that comes to the fore in exhaust systems, petrochemical, white goods, and automotive industries. Other usage areas are:

  • It is used to protect electrical panels from external factors.
  • It is preferred in ship production.
  • It comes to the fore in the field of construction and architectural works related to it.
  • It is used to manufacture products such as storage systems and storage tanks.
  • It is preferred in heating systems.
  • It is used in the production of household appliances.
  • It is preferred in elevator cabin systems.
  • It is at the forefront in some areas in the automotive sector.

       Standing out in the kitchen industry, stainless sheets are at the forefront, especially in countertop systems. It is also widely used in kitchen utensils such as steel pots, forks and knives. The reason why steel material is preferred is that it is both healthy and suitable for long-term use. It is preferred in the construction industry, especially in the foundation process. Thus, living spaces are built on much more durable and solid foundations.

      It can also be used in interior and exterior architecture. Stainless steel sheets are among the materials used in the textile industry. In this sector, it is preferred in different areas from mannequin making to bench making. In medicine, benefits are provided in many areas, from instruments used in surgical procedures to operating room systems.

What are the Advantages of Stainless Sheet Material?

These materials are among the qualified products with wide application areas in various sectors. In this process, it is important to know the advantages of stainless sheet material. Here are some advantages:

  1. It has a bright and hard structure.

The chromium content in the stainless steel sheet should be at least 10%. In this way, it becomes a much more solid structure. In addition, chromium can repair micro cracks or self-repair in the deformation process. This is effective in the longevity of the sheet metal. It is also effective in making it resistant to external factors. In addition to its hard structure, it also contributes positively to decoration with its bright appearance.

  1. 2. It is resistant to external factors.

It does not stand out only with its resistance to liquids and derivatives. However, thanks to its hard structure, it is also resistant to impacts. It shows resistance to high temperatures. Thanks to this feature, it is preferred in industrial kitchen and kitchen products.

  1. 3. It can be produced in different varieties according to the need.

It is produced with different surfaces, sizes and thicknesses according to the project needs.

Stainless Sheet Types

Sheet metal products with different properties can be mentioned. The prominent ones among the sheets with variable properties according to the sector’s needs are as follows:

Profiled Stainless Sheet Products

The profiling process is achieved by passing the steel sheets from the roll onto the forming rollers. Twisting is done until the desired profile is reached in different station processes. After the result is obtained, the material is divided into sections.

Combined Stainless Sheet Products

It is a sheet product with cone-like edges with raised holes. Holes designed with elevation are the preferred application for non-slip steps. It is also used in areas such as sun protection and facade cladding.

Grid Stainless Sheet Products

A bar or strip on one side and a corrugated grid product that runs along a support bar or strip on the other. It is obtained by longitudinal and transverse pressing or attached by electrical welding. It has a high load carrying capacity.

As a result, it is among the sheet metal materials that come to the fore with a wide usage area. It is particularly resistant to corrosion. This affects the preservation of its form even in contact with liquid. It is also an important sheet metal product with its structure resistant to high temperatures and impacts. A brighter surface is obtained by the processes performed on the stainless sheet, which has a matte appearance. This way, it becomes possible to benefit from stainless steel sheets in the decoration field. Stainless steel sheets can be used in many areas of the automotive industry, from food to manufacturing.

Embossed Stainless Sheet

They are stainless sheet products that stand out with their geometric patterns with elevation. It has a smooth and brushed glossy surface. Rolling machines are used to maintain the flat appearance. It has different special forms such as round, semi-round or flat..

Perforated Stainless Sheet

Perforated stainless sheets find application in interior design, facades or various points of the construction industry. Hole percentages are accurately determined by considering variables such as layer pattern, thickness and hole shape during the drilling process.