Stainless Sheet Processing

Stainless Sheet Processing

           Stainless sheet processing is the name given to laser cutting on stainless material. During this service of our company, the absence of hitting, pinching, hammering, etc. applications prevents the product being processed from being deformed and ensures a healthy result.

        In addition, with the drawings made on the computer by our designer, the model requested by the people can be processed on the specified material. At the same time, this service provides advantages such as fast production, time saving, appropriate production cost, saving from mold cost, saving from material, desired design, etc.

Features of Our Stainless Sheet Metal Working Materials

Compared to other iron materials, the stainless materials we use in stainless sheet metal processing have properties such as not rusting and tolerating large loads for a long time compared to other materials, thanks to the different elements and alloys they contain.

These materials have the feature of anti-bacterial material. Stainless steel sheets are used in many areas, and it is possible to perform many operations on the material due to its high temperature resistance and stainless steel.

Stainless sheets have the feature of not tarnishing and rusting like metal materials, and the smooth and clean surface of these materials makes them preferred in aesthetically important areas where visuality is at the forefront.

In addition, there are many types of surfaces in stainless materials, these surfaces can also be in the form of matte, satin, gold (gold yellow) and rose gold. All types of stainless steel sheets are available in our facility, and cutting and bending works are carried out per your needs.

        Stainless sheets, which are divided into matte, satin, gold (gold yellow) and rose gold, are an iron-based alloy that contains chrome and is formed by using carbon material groups. The main usage areas of these materials, which have a wide usage area, are heavy industry and metal industry.

          Stainless steel sheets, a corrosion-resistant material, are water-resistant thanks to the carbon element they contain and do not rust or tarnish in case of contact with water. At the same time, stainless materials are also used in the white goods industry and household goods.

Usage Areas of Our Stainless Sheet Processing Works

The usage areas of the materials resulting from stainless sheet metal processing take up a lot of space that we cannot calculate. With the participation of many criteria such as fields and purposes and engineering, the necessary criteria are determined and manufacturing factors such as method, method, material, application, etc. are formed. After the sheet metal processing service and manufacturing – production works of our facility are completed, the materials are presented to the use and taste of the end users, namely our customers. For the usage areas of our stainless sheet metal processing service, we can list the usage areas such as automotive, elevator, construction, storage tanks, furniture accessories, machine parts, lighting products, decorative products, etc. You can review some of our work sample images that we have done for these usage areas before.