Stainless Laser Cutting

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Stainless Laser Cutting

Stainless laser cutting is laser cutting process on stainless material. In this cutting process, electric current and carbon dioxide combine to produce a laser beam. The cutting of this laser beam on a material is called laser cutting or laser cutting. This laser beam, the result of the combination of electric current and carbon dioxide, can be effective even on very hard materials thanks to its energy power. This process can be done in laser cutting machines with sufficient power that our company has.

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Today, laser cutting process operates in many areas with the advancement of technology. The laser cutting process, which is among the speeds of our facility, is mostly used in metal, heavy industry, weapon industry, electronics, medical equipment and automotive industry.

        Stainless laser cutting is a technology that emerged in the 1960s. With the continuous development of technology, “Fiber Laser Cutting” technology has come to the fore after 2008. On the other hand, our company has followed these processes closely and incorporated the latest technology machinery, aiming for you to benefit from the highest quality service.

Stainless Laser Cutting Examples

Stainless laser cutting parameters were determined as four different gas pressure types (1.1 bar, 0.9 bar, 0.8 bar), two different frequencies (3500 Hz and 2500 Hz) and four different cutting speeds (28mm/s, 22mm/s, 16mm/s and 10mm/s). The cutting parameters reached by the expert operators of our company as a result of their hard work on this data ensure that the parts come out burr-free and smooth during the laser cutting work we do.

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Our Advantage in Stainless Laser Cutting

       Fiber laser cutting machines preferred in laser cutting, energy density is 10 times higher than the processing surface used by fiber cables to ordinary CO2 laser machines. In these machines, the laser beam is transmitted. Our machines with this technology can cut with three different gases. These are Nitrogen, Oxygen and air. After our team makes the necessary parameter and axis settings, the laser beam and gases contact the surface and perform the cutting process.

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The cutting process with our stainless laser cutting machines is faster than other cutting processes. In this way, it is possible to obtain more products in a shorter time. Products of certain sizes appear perfectly in the dimensions you have determined with the laser cutting process..

The fact that a mold is not needed during the laser cutting process also eliminates the cost of the mold. Therefore, laser cutting costs are more affordable than other cutting processes. With the programs used on the computer, the desired product is placed on the material in such a way as to give the least waste, thus minimizing the discarded product.