Stainless Cutting Bending

Stainless Cutting Bending

Stainless cutting bending is the desired material to be cut from the plate, brought to the specified size, and shaped in the desired way by bending. We perform the stainless cutting and bending process in 3 stages in our facility.

First, the requested material is drawn by our graphic designer with the help of the necessary programs on the computer, shaped in the desired dimensions and presented to your approval.


In the second stage, these materials, whose drawings are made by our graphic designer, are processed in the laser cutting machine and obtained from sheet metal in desired shapes and sizes.

In the third and final stage, the material obtained in the determined dimensions and shapes is shaped by our bending operator by bending with the help of bending machines.

Stainless cutting bending process shapes the material obtained from certain processes according to the desired bending angles and lengths. For this, after the cutting process according to the program drawn on the computer, the bending process will be started.

By hand, it is impossible to do these twisting operations, which are usually done with press brakes. These machines have the power and capacity to shape even thick materials.

The bending process is done between two “V” dies, which we call male and female. The mold in the machine’s upper part, which we call the male mold, exerts pressure on the female mold below, allowing the material to be bent in the desired way.

To perform these operations, data such as creating a program on the machine, creating a project, bending angle, thickness of the material, length of the material and necessary parameter settings vary in each process. Programing and adjusting the machine following each material and process is necessary.

Advantages of Our Stainless Cutting Bending Service

Processes made with stainless laser cutting have many advantages compared to other methods. The beam is not worn during the cutting process, ensuring that the cutting surface is not contaminated.

It also allows precise cutting results and extremely smooth parts often prone to warping. At the same time, the accuracy of the cutting processes made with this method is quite high.

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With automatic nesting programs in a well-planned work organization made with stainless laser cutting, waste is minimized and time and energy losses are prevented.

The cut parts are brought to the calculated volume with the help of cnc press brake bending machines, whose speed can be adjusted, allowing the desired dimensions to be entered on the panel, which are suitable for heavy working conditions. These features provide advantages such as quality, speed and convenience in stainless cutting bending.