Galvanized Sheet

Galvanized sheet ; is a coating method used to protect it from corrosion and to improve decorative properties. The zinc layer on the surfaces of the sheets coated with this method creates a barrier to atmospheric effects and protects the cathodic steel phase. The weight of the galvanized coating is the most significant impact that strengthens the corrosion resistance in these sheets. There is more than one galvanizing coating method used today. The hot dip is the most common galvanizing method used as an industrial coating. Hot-dip galvanization is a coating method formed by the Metonic reaction that occurs as a result of immersing iron and steel products suitable for galvanizing in the form and chemical conditions of galvanization.

What is Galvanized Sheet?

Although the coating methods of these sheets differ, the aim is to increase the resistance of the sheet with low carbon content or the iron group against corrosion, white and red rust, and oxide and to prevent the deterioration of its decorative and chemical structure. Sheets chosen correctly according to the area and environment in which they will be used and the coating weights formed as required show much more resistant to corrosion and oxide than sheets not coated on the surface. It is a substance produced to prevent corrosion in areas where metal is used. For this, zinc coating is done to increase the resistance of the metal. With this process, galvanized products emerge that can be used safely on wet floors.

Today, the galvanized sheet is one of the most accurate and proven products among materials resistant to corrosion. In the galvanizing production process, the steel metal is immersed in zinc, which is melted at 450 degrees and covered with zinc. Thanks to hot-dip management, bonds are formed between zinc and metal. These bonds make the metal a sheet product that is three times stronger than normal.

What are the Advantages of Galvanized Sheets?

Galvanized sheet is preferred by many sectors, from automotive to construction. There are some advantages that their products provide. The advantages are:

  • Provides resistance..

The most important advantage of the galvanized sheet is its resistance. If materials such as metal and iron come into contact with oxygen, their useful life is shortened. In addition, it is not possible to use them on wet floors. With the galvanized sheet coating, the resistance in metal products increases and becomes suitable for use in all areas. Thus, it improves the quality of the point where it is applied.

  • It has the advantage of being economical price.

Galvanized sheet manages to be one of the most cost-effective sheet products when its advantages are calculated. In particular, the fact that it does not need maintenance and the low production costs are effective in selling galvanized sheet products at affordable prices.

It offers long-lasting use ;Galvanized sheets are among the most reliable sheet products in areas with adverse climatic conditions. Its durable structure against air, humidity and wet ground prevent the formation of dampness. It shows high resistance against corrosion. This prolongs the life of the galvanized sheet. For this reason, exterior coating, water transport systems, underground installations, and applications in humid areas are at the forefront in galvanized sheet usage areas.

What are the Usage Areas of Galvanized Sheet?

Due to the advantages of these materials, it is one of the most preferred building materials. In addition, being long-lasting and increasing the welfare of the area where it is applied is an essential factor in its preference. Galvanized sheet is one of the materials many sectors are interested in due to its use in humid and wet areas, which do not need maintenance, especially in difficult areas. In this context, the galvanized sheet has a wide usage area. The usage areas are as follows:

  • It is suitable for use at almost every point in the construction sector: columns, floor beams, roofing, and waterproofing systems.
  • Galvanized sheets, also preferred in parking areas, are an important material chosen to make prefabricated structures more robust and durable.
  • In the automotive industry, galvanized sheet products are used extensively in producing interior and exterior surface materials.
  • Galvanized, preferred in ship production, is also used in solar energy system elements.
  • It is used as exterior and interior coating material to extend the life of buildings.
  • It is preferred in the goods manufacturing sector.
  • It is preferred in panel productions and cable ducts.
  • Ventilation units are used in steel – metal industry and children’s playgrounds.
  • With its stable structure, it is also a popular plate in manufacturing white goods.
  • It is used to construct overpasses, factory buildings, and industrial boilers.

Galvanized Sheet Weight And Size Chart


1000 X 2000 ( KG )

1250 X 2500 ( KG )

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What are the Features of Galvanized Sheet?

Galvanized sheets and sheets can be diversified according to production models. However, in terms of the general structure, the basic properties of the materials that come out of different production processes remain the same. Generally, galvanized sheet products obtained by the hot-dip method are in the foreground. These can be cut into different sizes and blocks according to the desired application area. Galvanized sheet has a silver color. As it comes into contact with the air, it turns silvery gray.

If you look at the plate from the side, it is possible to notice the zinc layer on it. Cut edges may not be galvanized on galvanized sheets. In this case, covering the cut edges with zinc dust is beneficial to protect the plate. In addition, toxic gas is released during the welding planned to be made from the open part. For this reason, the environment should be ventilated during the process, and the people who will apply should wear a respiratory mask.

Other features of galvanized sheets:

  • There is no spillage on the coating part during use.
  • It is suitable for processes such as deep drawing and plastering.
  • Soldering is done easily.
  • It is ideal for the painting process.
  • It is resistant to impacts.
  • It is resistant to corrosion. It does not undergo oxidation.
  • Since their surfaces are of high quality, galvanized sheets can be preferred in all surface applications. It is a preferred board, especially on surfaces exposed to liquids and moisture.

Galvanized sheet, preferred in various fields from construction to the automotive industry, from aviation to the steel and iron industry, is at the forefront among long-lasting plates. The product, which has the privilege of its affordable price and quality structure, has a wide usage area with its durable structure against external impacts. Galvanized sheet increases the quality and life of the application area. For this reason, it is among the most preferred elements in buildings.

What is the Hot Dip Galvanizing Method?

The hot dipping method is the most followed method in the iron and steel industry. In addition to the economic reasons, its contribution to the product life is also effective in using this method. The increase in the average lifetime of galvanized sheet products made with hot dip is 30 years. In addition, there is no need for extra costs such as maintenance.

How is Galvanized Coating Made?

To obtain successful galvanized sheet products, it is necessary to use the best methods in the coating process. The hot-dip and electro-galvanized coating methods are at the forefront among the two different methods that come to the fore at this stage. Hot dipping, the generally preferred method, ensures that the metal is coated with zinc, which cuts the metal’s contact with oxygen. Thus, oxidation occurring on metal surfaces is prevented to a great extent. In addition, the coating extends the life of the galvanized sheet and increases the quality in the area where it is applied.

What is Electro Galvanizing Method?

It is a method based on the use of anodes and canodes immersed in electrode-filled boilers. In this process, the anodes are connected to the zinc and the other electrodes to the element to be coated. After the interaction process, electricity is applied by various means, and the electrodes pulled from the anode are kept on the canoe used in the coating. The passivation process takes place for the permanence of the coating that starts to form in this way. Galvanized sheet produced with the electro system does not cause the main material property to change. In addition, while there is a risk of removal of the coating in the hot dip method, there is no such risk in electro-galvanizing.

Galvanized Sheet Prices

      In addition to being functional and useful, it is a complete price-performance product as it offers economically affordable kg prices. Although the resistance of galvanized sheets against corrosion and oxide is very high, they may be subject to corrosion melting over time. Static powder paint is the most compelling supporting method to increase the life of a galvanized metal surface. The paint sprayed on the galvanized surface is heated in industrial ovens between 180 and 200 degrees, maximizing adhesion. Thus, the life of the galvanized surface is further increased. For price information about galvanized and DKP sheets, you can contact stainless laser cutting and get the latest and most economical prices.