Black sheet ;is among the sheet products obtained by the hot rolling and casting process. In this process, rectangular cross-section sheets are used, and the rolling process is carried out using rectangular cross-section sheets. Black sheets are rolled at the end of the production process. It has more affordable costs than normal sheets. It shrinks when it cools. This creates an aspect that makes it difficult to keep their size under control.

What is Black Sheet?

Black sheet metal is a durable material that can be easily welded in terms of welding workmanship and can be protected for a long time. It is among the sheet products that are easy to take shape. This feature ensures steel is among the best performing products. It also has a structure that can be customized according to the demands of its customers.

What are the Black Sheet Properties?

The product, which stands out with its black sheet color, is preferred in many sectors. It is a sheet material that stands out due to its advantages in the field of use. The advantages and benefits it provides to each sector are different. The key features that stand out are:

  • They are sheet metal products obtained as a result of casting process.
  • Forming process can be done easily on black sheet products.
  • It has a wide usage area. In terms of price, it is more affordable than other sheet metal products.
  • Its resource holding capability is quite high. This makes it a preferred sheet metal product in the manufacturing field.
  • It can be easily shaped according to the project. It is among the most suitable sheets for special production. It is easier to shape the metal that crystallizes by hot rolling.
  • Although it varies according to the thickness of the sheet, its strength is also high. For this reason, it can be used in areas that are calculated to be resistant to impacts.

Black Sheet Usage Areas

  • It is used in the production of railway systems.
  • It is a preferred sheet metal product in the automotive sector and its sub-industry.
  • It is at the forefront of steel case manufacturing.
  • It is used in ship production and different fields of shipyards.
  • It is preferred in the manufacture of LPG tanks and container construction.
  • It is at the forefront in the production of goods that must be durable together with shelf systems.
  • It is used in elevator manufacturing, pipes and systems in this direction.
  • Black sheet material is used in different areas such as the white goods sector and the sub-industry.

Black steel can be used in applications with no specific shape and tolerance. In this respect, it is among the sheets preferred by a wide sector. It is among the sheets that come to the fore especially in construction machinery manufacturing, railway, steel case production and shipyards. With its weldable structure, it comes to the fore in the production process of construction machines. In addition, features such as size and thickness can be easily adjusted for the project.

Black sheets refer to sheets with high strength strength. For this reason, it can be counted among the sheet metal materials at the forefront of shipbuilding. It is also one of the most used materials in laser cut works. However, it offers long-lasting use. It directly affects the quality of the point where it is applied. Black sheet is one of the materials often preferred as a building plate.

Advantages of Black Sheet Material

Black steel sheet is one of the preferred sheet metal products in many branches of the industry. It has multiple advantages that increase its preferability. Among the most important advantages is that its cost is affordable compared to other sheet materials. However, in terms of usage areas, it can be evaluated differently than other sheet materials. Here are some advantages…

– It has a durable structure.

Durability, which is at the forefront of every sheet material, also applies to black steel. Sheets, whose durability increases during the hot rolling process, have a high resistance to impacts. With its customizable structures such as extra thickness and weight, it is possible to maximize this advantage for the project.

– It is easy to shape.

A sheet product needs to be easily shaped. Thus, an easily targeted application is realized with the sheet metal product desired to be used in the manufacturing industry. At this point, black steel offers flexibility that can be easily formed with its thin structure. In addition, it is possible to cast as desired with the production made specifically for the project.

– It is easy to weld and can be preserved for a long time.

Minimizing the wear at the welding points is of great importance for the longevity of the products. At this point, black steel is among the sheet products that offer the best performance. It is one of the sheet metal products with the least risk of deformation at the welding points as it is easy to weld. This means that the weld points are long-lasting and the structure of the area where it is applied is preserved.

– It can be customized according to demand.

Black steel can come off the belts in standard sizes and thicknesses. In addition, it is possible to make changes on details such as casting thickness and size according to the desired shape. In this respect, it is among the sheets with production capabilities suitable for your project.

Mild Steel Weight And Size Chart


1000 X 2000 ( KG )

1250 X 2500 ( KG )

1500 X 3000 ( KG )

1.5 MM 




2 MM




2.5 MM




3 MM




4 MM




5 MM




6 MM




8 MM




9 MM




10 MM




12 MM




15 MM




20 MM




25 MM




What is the Difference Between Black Steel and HRP Sheet?

Black steel and HRP sheet are sheet products that should not be confused with each other. Although black steel differs from HRP sheet in terms of color, there are also more fundamental differences. Especially in black steel, casting and hot rolling method are among the most important stages of the production process. In HRP sheet production, cold rolling can be used as well as hot rolling. However, cold rolling is not used in black sheet production. In addition, there are variations in the application areas of the two sheets that find use in the same sectors.

Difference Between Hot and Cold Rolled Sheet

The main difference between sheet products obtained by hot and cold rolling relates to the process process. Hot rolling refers to the production made by reaching high temperatures. In cold rolling, high heats are not applied. The rolling process takes place at room temperature or lower. These two different methods can have effects on performance. However, it should not be confused with the steel quality used in practice. Although there are differences in properties and quality between steels, one or both of the hot or cold rolling methods can be applied by considering the steel structure.

The prominent feature of the black rolled sheet product are:

  • It has a scaled surface.
  • There is also residue due to cooling from extreme heat.
  • Shrink-welded sheet products have slightly rounded edges and corners.
  • Therefore, the unique square dimensions are not in the foreground and trapezoidal shapes may appear due to cooling.

As a result, black sheet is among the materials whose durability comes to the fore among the sheet products manufactured by hot rolling. It is a sheet metal product that can be preferred for every application area where strength is needed. Qualities such as size, thickness and weight can be changed for the project. It is a sheet metal product preferred in the manufacturing sector with its easily shaped structure and form suitable for welding.

Black Sheet Prices

Since black sheet appeals to many sectors, its usage area is quite high. So it has a wide range of uses. In terms of price, it is more affordable than other sheet metal products.

The prices of this product vary according to the size, thickness of the material and the dimensions that the customers specifically request. To learn the kg price of our St – 37 material, you can contact us, get an instant offer from our customer representative, and benefit from our convenient and quality service.

How Is Black Sheet Produced?

Black sheets, which are produced to prevent metal and iron from being affected by external factors, show protective effects against corrosion of metals and their derivatives. Thus, the durability of metal products, whose durability is at the forefront, is ensured. In this process, hot rolling is applied in black sheet production.

What is the Hot Rolling Method?

With hot rolling, high heat is applied on metal products and crystallization is achieved. Then some deformation processes take place on the steel. In this process, slabs with a thickness of 25 cm can be made very thin.